Sunday, 6 December 2015

I go on ... under turd !

Yep ... still into narrowboats as much as ever. The only comfort in not being able to fulfil this dream at this time, is that currency exchange rates are (from my perspective) at the worst they have been for many many years. Plus, the weather there is far from it's best with storms and flooding.

The boats and technology get more and more interesting. Though I have stopped doing currency conversions on things as the results are a tad depressing and it all seems so unaffordable right now.

Currently, my best chance is an income boost from winning and Art Union house. I regularly buy tickets and try to maintain odds of about 80,000:1 in the process. I think that's good odds considering 70-80% of ticket revenues go to charitable causes.

My two favourite Art Unions are :

There are other Art Unions ... but I regularly 'donate' to these two and only sporadically to others.

So ... if planets align ... I'll see you on the canals ... in both Oz and UK !!!

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