Friday, 11 October 2013

Beetle About

I like a  small narrowboat with a layout that works.

They make cute and economical boats for two, or provide the ability to get around on your own.

The latest I have seen for £29,950 drive away is the Aintree Beetle.

LOA :   25ft
Width:    6ft 10"
Draft:    2ft 2"
Height Above Water :   5ft 8"
Headroom :    6ft 4"

To maintain the price point, there are few options, but really there are few required as it is nicely equipped at base level.

With few compromises, it would function well as a long term cruiser for two, or a weekender for 4, however, falling short as a two person liveaboard, though one might manage it. You would just need to keep your belongings to a minimum as storage would be an issue.

Any reader of this blog would know I am not a fan of cassette loos. Space limitations require it on the Beetle.

However, at the sacrifice of the forward under bench storage on the starboard side or adding a little more length, I wonder if an economically sized pump-out or composting loo could be fitted. Hard to say from where I write this ... but it would bring this small boat closer to ideal for me, looking more and more like a long term single.

Unfortunately I'd need permission to post pics ... but this link will take you to the brochure which includes the layout, however, it looks something like this ...

Going by the analogy "that it is not how big it is, it's how you use it", many people love their small boats for their compact utility and economy. The Beetle looks like it will provide that too. I believe 7 Beetles have been sold since their unveiling at Crick this year.