Tuesday, 28 August 2012


So you like music huh !

This is my home sound system.

It is made up of :

1  x  MP3 Player or laptop computer

1  x Behringer XENYX 1002FX  10 Channel mixer

1  x Behringer B1500D Subwoofer (1400W)

2  x Behringer B205D Speakers (150W each)

And thats it !

The media player connects to the mixer, then connects to the subwoofer (which not only has the amp built -in ... but it also has a built-in crossover) and then to each of the B205D's (also powered), creating L & R stereo.

All up (including all cables and stands) ... buying everything brand new ... I have spent AU$800.

The sound ??? It is really something to experience ... even at low volumes.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012


In Esperance, WA  there is a life size, solid stone replica of Stonehenge. The structure was originally destined for Margaret River.

When the Margaret River project went bust, it was saved by a farmer in Esperance.

It is located 15km east of Esperance on Merivale Road, towards Cape Le Grande. (8km up Merivale Road).

Esperance is 760km south east of Mandurah ... or roughly the entire length of Britain from north to south. In WA, that's a day's (8 hour) drive.

Summer Solstice
While there are thought to be 66 large, permanent replicas of Stonehenge throughout the world, the Esperance project is believed to be the only life size stone one.

It has been constructed as a replica and no religous activity or chanting is allowed.

I'll have to take a drive down there some time soon to check it out.

And I'll take a camera so that if any UFO's or strange beings appear ... I'll get them to pose for a few shots.

Unlike the English Stonehenge ... this one is not broken  : )