Saturday, 20 October 2012


Not commonly considered as one of the 7 wonders of the world ... but ask yourself ... where do GNOMES come from and/or where do they go to get away from it all or to retire ??

Surrounded in mystery, Gnomesville's location is a well guarded secret known to only a few ... most of whom are West Australians ...

... and if you wish hard enough ... I may divulge this location for my avid readers.

It is not a deliberate tourist attraction, nor is it owned by any human ... it exists simply because gnomes of all persuasions escaping their suburban existences, choose to live wild and free in an obscure sanctuary located deep in Western Australia.

It even has Australia Post mail delivery for all the messages and letters that people send to their gnome friends.

Well ... ... ... ... ... ... it is 2 hours drive (south) from Perth, in the Ferguson Valley.

More precisely, it is at the corner of Wellington Mill Road, Ferguson Road & Wellington Lowden Road, Wellington Mill, Western Australia 6236

You can zoom in and look around ... but gnomes are very good at hiding and slipping into the background.

Once upon a time (it is believed) a lone gnome appeared in the vicinity protesting a planned local council development. Soon, this lone protestor was accompanied by a throng of rallying gnome brothers (and sisters) and a community was born.

The exact population of Gnomesville is unknown, but recent estimates put the population in the region of 6,000 residents ... and growing !

This is despite the infamous (but globally un-reported) Great Gnomesville Massacre of 2007 where many gnomes lost their lives in defence of their proud nation against a hoard of rampaging humans.

Gnomeazons or Lesbignomes ??

Ram-gnome or the Ter-gnome-ator ??

Gnomesville interview on ABC radio :

Looking for Home

"In this beautiful rugged land, I have roamed
One lost Gnome looking for home.

Rescued by the Langes I was
My only wish was to live in Aus.

Given shelter for the night
I knew then I was alright.

Given the name eddie Boy
Made me happy & full of joy.

Now here in Gnomesville, I publicy stand
the head of this bloody great Lange Clan.

To all that read this through
May good health & happiness be with you.

And all I can say in reply to that is .... fairy nuff !

Saturday, 6 October 2012


First ... grapefruit will not kill you. Quite the inverse in fact.

I have another blog about food. And I think this recent entry to that blog is IMPORTANT and worth re-posting here.

Contact me (through either blog or at if you wish to know more about how drug companies have NO INTEREST in curing you whatsoever.

OK ... enough ranting ... here is the entry which speaks for itself.


I don't even consider I am 'dieting' because I am eating the foods I like in regular and large quantities.

And I am happy to do that day in and day out, every day of the year, without sufferance of any kind.

Initially, I kept my usual breakfast as is (because it was quite ok), to be refined at a later date.

Well ... as it happens ... breakfast evolved by itself.

Changes I made are :

1. Replaced white bread with wholemeal. This is an easy change and though the calories don't change much ... the quality of the food increases considerably. There is no cost difference.

2. Replaced the glass of fruit juice (at approx. 125 calories) with fresh pink grapefruit at 32 calories per half.

Note the sticker that denies me the one food that will cure my condition. Who benefits from that ?
The advantage of eating the pink grapefruit ... and the reason for the change ... is that eating pink grapefruit every day for 90 days is said to clear heart blockages, thus eliminating the need to take blood thinning medication, which after 12 years (4,380 days) of taking the maximum dose of Lipitor (not to mention Ramipril & Metoprolol as well), has done NOTHING to 'cure' the 5 blockages in my heart.

I will post another entry at a later date concerning my personal experience with how ineffective modern medical practice (and drugs) have been at ACTUALLY curing my health issues.

OK ... so that's the breakfast changes, reducing my daily brekky calorie intake from 444 calories to 390 calories.

And I'm still loving it and eating plenty and eating well.