Sunday, 30 September 2012


Spring is here, so I have been doing my spring cleaning and gardening. Both things I like to knock over before it gets too hot.

The ground in Mandurah is typically sand. Sand with the consistency of caster sugar, which drains instantly and leaches out any residual organic matter. Hence, it is very dry and contains very little nutrients.

Native plants can survive in it. But not much else.

I am proud of my soil. It is still sandy, however, it is black and rich and plants thrive in it. Being well mulched .. it also retains water. If you have ever lived in WA ... you would appreciate what a blessing that is. It has taken 10 years to get it this way.

Early days ... tomatoes should be over 6ft high by New Year.
This is my vegie garden. It is small ... about 2.5m X 1m. But it grows more than I can eat on my own through summer.

This year I have a bed of rocket, sheltering some basil, thyme and capsicums. Against the fence I have red and yellow tomatoes and sugar peas. The sugar peas should have been a punnet of snow peas ... unfortunately I picked up the wrong punnet from the tray at the shop. 

Ohhh ... there are a couple of onions in there as well.

I will post pics of the produce that comes out of this tiny patch ... I made it ... and even I am impressed with how much comes out of it. I picked 20 - 30 kg of tomoatoes off the two plants last year.

Excuse the dates on the photos ... seems the camera date went back to default on the last battery change.

Seizure later !