Saturday, 23 April 2011

A Boat of Interest

At first glimpse, Nb Electraglide may not be your cup of tea. But look closer and there is a lot of merit to this boat.

It's engine is electric, yet it doesn't have a huge bank of batteries to run it. It has a diesel generator for that. It is a similar system that powered diesel/electric submarines during WWII. You could add batteries of course.

The shell is a tug, that is, it has a large fore deck. This creates a space for the generator and fuel and water tanks leaving living spaces less encumbered. The bed even slides completely into the cavity so that the living area and bedroom share the same space.

Salon - with the bed in

I would have the bed slide half away so that it creates a sofa during the day. This would then create a space to store two pushbikes below deck, or in a rack above deck when cruising and using.

Salon - with the bed out

It has a composting loo.

The kitchen is all electric, no gas. As is the hot water.

I like the flow of the interior. Very functional.

Electric motors provide full torque at low rpm, making them ideal for powering narrowboats. This is a different approach using a generator, thus eliminating the weight, space and maintenance required for a large battery bank.

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Welcome aboard !

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